Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sam James Visits South Lakeland

Sam James Visits

Sammy stopped in today with his wife and brought his photo album of his build of his -4 for me to reference if I need to. I'm sure it will be an invaluable help.

Here is a view of my mock-up instrument panel. I'm planning for the Dynon SV7 on the left with a 6 or 796 in a gizmo mount on the right side. I want to leave the space bl Dynon hardware releases such as the comm that they have in the works. They say that the units face will be about business card sized so I should have room for two side by side. I wanted to keep the current comm and xcom close together to cut sown on interference but also wanted to be able to manipulate the controls with my left hand since my right should be on the stick. For that reason I have relocated them to the left side of the panel. Ideally I will come up with a method to make the instrument panel removable for future upgrades. On that note I am second guessing installing the gizmo mount for the Garmin GPS. I could just use a ram mount and would have infinite adjust-ability to avoid sun glare and additionally if I ever upgraded to SV1000 and moved the SV7 to the roll bar for the GIB Ill need to relocate anyway.

I didn't get a lot done today, we arrived to Jay's kid of late and spent most of the daylight chatting it up with the guys.

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