Saturday, May 4, 2013

5-4-2013 - Canopy Frame

...Today's work

I got some square 4130 tubing fro ACS and it came in on Friday. In time to bring it along and start working on the frame. This is what I got done today. two pieces tacked in. Not much, but its progress.

A couple of 2x4 spacers were the perfect size.
Bill Williams dons his shades and agrees to tack up the frame in the position I have it for me.

Engine Monitor Module and corner of the VP-x sport

It looked good with the boot cowl off but with the instrument panel off looking forward it looks like a mess still. Everything is mounted from the bottom up in case I wasn't able to access it from the top in the future. Not sure exaclyt how this slider is gonna work still.

Service loop in the right foot well for service to the roll servo if needed.

I ended up placing my T fitting to the middle and bottom of this bracket I made. It is where the static lies split and run down each side to the ports.

Before I hooked up the static lines today.

I have my wiring all cased up so I'm pretty sure that means Ill have to open it all back up again no less than 10 times but it looks good for now. I ran the pitot, AOA and static lines. then got over spray on the pretty color coded lines.
Some one on the VAF wa asking about -4 servo installations and I went looking and realized I hadn't any pictures of mmuch to seel It per the plans provided and works fine so far...

I the furthest back position?

I had bought some plate 4130 to use with my old rollbar. I cut the old rollbar down so that it would fit inboard of the rails. With little foresight I started fitting it together and realized that the seat back was no longer going to be in the right spot any longer and Id need to come up with something new. I added this piece of aluminum as a place holder and may just replace it with the 4130 I got and expand on it later. Iim thinking of doing an adjustable seat back here ala RV-7.

The last think id did last weekend was to paint the windshield bow and the canopy bow. Unfortunately the last thing that happened was the freshly painted canopy bow it the cement and scuffed up when a wind cam  blowing. So first thing I did today was to sand it back down and repaint it. So while I waited for it to dry I took a few pictures of some areas that I seem to have missed documenting here.