Saturday, September 6, 2014

Home again finally

As she sits at the fuel dock back home at sunny Punta Gorda, ready for another tank full and sunset flight. There are still things left to do, some obvious some not so much. The wheel and gear leg fairing will be installed after the new motor is broken in. The Oregon Aero Cushions still need to be covered and the seat belts upgraded. I'm not happy with the registration font (looks like it was cut out with scissors) or the placement of the N-numbers. I'm not sure that I am happy with the tail "art", maybe something a little more distinctive. I'm afraid Ill need to have the Catto prop re-pitched to lower the wot rpm more so will probably have the nickel leading edged done too at the same time if they are possible to be retrofitted. I have about 8 hrs flight time on the new setup and really love it. Many thanks to all that helped me get her back it the air.