Sunday, August 12, 2012

Canopy Delivered


The canopy i ordered from Todd's Canopies came was delivered to Jays this past week and Im very anxious to see it. We pulled it out of the box and it looks marvelous. I ordered a Harmon Rocket canopy and had it tinted light grey. Todd called me as it came out of the mold and told me it was one of his best and had not a single imperfection anywhere.  replacement canopy at half price if I break this one. The cost was very competitive as well  to say the least.

We laid the canopy in place and began to figure out how much we want to take off the front. In hind sight I would have rather got the canopy all mocked up and built the turtle deck up to a height to match and avoid an ugly transition from the canopy to the turtle deck. By ugly i mean not straight.

We ended up trimming about 2 inches off the front and ended up calling it a day as the weather was gathering and we needed to fly home before hit hit.

We dodged a few cells on the way south to Punta Gorda but didn't stray to far of course.

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