Monday, January 31, 2011

Searching for an Engine.

All of January was spent searching for and engine that was within my budget and that the guy helping me with the engine swap was willing to help put in. Come to find out I guess it didn't matter what engine it was, he wasn't wanting to help anymore.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Some things I would like to address aside from the engine durring the annual.

Landing and Taxi Lights need the lenses replaced.
Wingtip Lenses are no better. I would like to get some of the LED Nav lights

 The Rear Stick has a mild bend in it I noticed. The foam has a rip in it due to my wrapping the seatbelt over it for use as a gust lock. Id like to get some new grips in the future.

This is the current Throttle set-up for the pilot, there is no rear throttle installed. Im thinking of buying a new nicer throttle for the pilot and moving this one aft for the GIB. The Bulkhead that it is attached to blocks your wrist and forces it into a funny angle when mounted in front of that brace. Even with it on the bulkhead and sticking out some it is still a funny angle and ill need to change it sometime in the future. It used to have vernier style controls but the previous owner installed these instead.
Maybe after I have got to fly it some more I will pull all the steam gauges and convert to glass...