Saturday, November 24, 2012


I was planning on using the new tail I had bought in its entirety but there really inst anything wrong with the vertical and horizontal stabilizers so I fit the old stabilizers back on. With he addition of the fastback it was necessary to shave off a portion of the the vertical stabilizer shown here. I could stand to shave some more off.

The uncut panel is installed but I really don't like the gaps I ended up with. I'm sure I'm going to end up redoing the whole thing but for now I'm going to press on to things I haven't messed up yet.

Dad made this bracket to install the throttle onto. It still needs to be drilled and mounted into its final location.

I made the surround panel for the stick and had a few things left to do to it. Dad picked up where I left off and when it was almost complete he drilled a hole in the wrong corner. We discussed installing something there to cover the hole but decided to just remake the piece instead. When I took the picture below I wasn't sure if we would make a new one so i framed the hole out of the picture.

...And one final shot of the the tail dry-fitted before leaving for the day.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Wiring and A/P Servo Installation

Mounted the back-up battery for the Skyview system. Used the same plate that the transponder is on.

I added some temporary labels to keep the wiring straight on the terminal strip in the left passenger footwell. This will be covered by the the footwell inserts. Once the wings are mounted I can hook the wing wiring up here.

The Flap Position sensor (pos-12) is taped tothe area where it will be needed along with plenty of extra wire. The flap motor will be mounted on the rear of the triangle brace and operate the flp arm below it from a switch on the throttle. Ill will need to pick up a small clevis joint and rod from the hobby store to operate the sensor.

Dad worked on assembling and installing the aileron servo for the auto pilot. He widened out the hole in the longeron where the aileron push-tube passes through and connects. We are holding off on mounting it to the floor until we can remount the right wing and check for clearance of the push-tube.

While he worked on the aileron servo i worked on the bellcrank and the brackets for the pitch a/p servo. I took out the old bellcrank brackets and match-drilled the new brackets per the instructions and re-installed the bracket. Removed the bellcrank and drilled the hole for the arm of the servo rod to attach again per the instructions. Reassembled everything and stuffed the wires away to be hooked up later.

I attached the OAT sensor here are the last turtle-deck bulkhead not realizing that it will interfere with the tail be mounted and will have to be removed and relocated. Not before I secure all the wires with some ingenious methods -that made it even harder to relocate.

We pulled some slack out of the main harness going to the ADHARS, enough to connect the servo and still had enough to retain service loops where I wanted them.

I guess I was supposed to buy the Dynon connecter harness that has 5 connectors and makes nice and neat way to add or remove/change components but I just spliced into the ADHARS lines and ran a separate power and ground. Per the Dynon instructions each servo gets its own circuit and I will ground them locally. the yellow wire  goes to the A/P disconnect on the Infinity grip. (black button half way down)

Trying to keep the wiring organized and for as simple as this set-up is I still manged to get a plate full of spaghetti. Ill see if I cant clean this up before its buttoned up and called done.

One last look at the slow motion resurrection of this RV-4 before we load up and fly home.

Home again after a hard days work. Beautiful sunset on the Peace River as we approached PGD to hanger it up until next weekend. Thanks for all your help, love and support Dad.