Saturday, June 16, 2012

Engine removed

Engine Removed

Plane moved from "my" hanger over to Jay's Hanger for the more intense work.

That's me, making airplane noises and thinking about getting this thing back into the air...

This is Jay Kurtz. He is being kind enough to offer up his hanger, shop and experience helping me make the planned changes to this bird.

Jay claims to embrace "new technology". More on that later...  -->

<-- This is Jays favorite color. More on that later too...

This is the current set-up of the brakes, cylinders and rudder pedal. I'm planning on replacing the plastic lines with steel braided or at least something better. I'm told, or at least Ive read that the brakes on some of the earlier model -4's that the breaks were called for to be installed what many consider to be upside down causing issues when it comes to bleeding the breaks. I'm going to look into changing them to right side up if its just as ease as flipping the cylinders.

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Here are a couple of shots looking back down the tunnel to the rear. I guess I'm going to be spending some time in there when it comes time to putting the new turtle deck on.

This is a view of the front stick and the plumbing of the standard electric fuel pump and the fuel selector valve.

It was set up with a return line and I like the idea of having a return line for the usual reasons but Jay is pretty insistent that we not plumb it back in.

I'm planning on purchasing a new Andair fuel selector with the pretty red anodized handle.

Going to have to replace that grip as well...