Saturday, November 24, 2012


I was planning on using the new tail I had bought in its entirety but there really inst anything wrong with the vertical and horizontal stabilizers so I fit the old stabilizers back on. With he addition of the fastback it was necessary to shave off a portion of the the vertical stabilizer shown here. I could stand to shave some more off.

The uncut panel is installed but I really don't like the gaps I ended up with. I'm sure I'm going to end up redoing the whole thing but for now I'm going to press on to things I haven't messed up yet.

Dad made this bracket to install the throttle onto. It still needs to be drilled and mounted into its final location.

I made the surround panel for the stick and had a few things left to do to it. Dad picked up where I left off and when it was almost complete he drilled a hole in the wrong corner. We discussed installing something there to cover the hole but decided to just remake the piece instead. When I took the picture below I wasn't sure if we would make a new one so i framed the hole out of the picture.

...And one final shot of the the tail dry-fitted before leaving for the day.

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