Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Deal

This is what she looked like when I picked her up in Mountain Home, ID. The wheel pants are inside...

In order to make the deal I traded my 2002 American Ironhorse - "Legend"  motorcycle and an arm and a leg.

I sure loved that bike and had it since it was new.  The transaction took place online and over the phone since I was in FL and the plane was in ID. I shipped the bike out and came out myself commercial to meet the seller and make the trade and transaction.

Important Note: Always get a prebuy inspection from someone you trust and that is familiar with the craft you intend to buy. I did not and am paying a heavy price for it. Why didn't you? You may be asking. Well, not that any of them are valid excuses but; It was a unique deal in that the seller was willing to take my bike as partial trade, it was a long distance purchase over the internet, I was afraid something would be discovered, I was in a hurry. In retrospect of course all the more reasons i should have had it inspected.

When I picked up 26C it was sporting a pretty nice Fred Felix prop and a very undesirable red on orange paint job that was so poor it could be scrapped off in places with a credit card. Apparently the cowling was even bad enough that the previous owner conceded to just strip and prime it until the plane could be painted.

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