Saturday, November 26, 2011


It seems that the w/b may have been so pencil whipped that it is causing issue finding the correct info to set the cg off of in my paperwork supplied by the previous owner.

Ive been spending time on vaf researching. It seems a that a quick and easy way of doing the w/b for an rv-4 is to weigh the planes tail in level flight attitude and try to achieve as close to 50 lbs as possible, any heavier and I have aft cg and lighter and it nose heavy. Im sure there is a 5 pound range or so that will affect the useful load... Sounds like the "good ole boy method" to me....

At one point, as I mentioned, the guy helping me seemed to think that I would need to install a metal prop. Im not sure what the verdict is now. He has told me at one point it was nose heavy and we need to move the battery back and more recently it now he is saying it seems to be tail heavy (after he met with another RV friend of his). I need to find out more on the right way to figure this out myself I guess.

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